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Autocares Izaro continues to build on its extraordinary history, creating new travel experiences, all as a result of its over 30 year learning process in the industry.

Thus, it was with much creativity, inspiration, love, valor and patience that the Izaro Status was born. A vibrant and cosmopolitan vehicle targeted at a first-class market where exclusivity and assurance are the priority.

Each unit is the product of a long and delicate production process. From the beginning, we have committed ourselves to excellence, design, exclusivity and above all the highest levels of quality.

It has not been easy to get this far, but today we can feel extremely proud and satisfied with the results. Once the client sits down, he/she feels a different atmosphere: a world in which good taste and exquisiteness are very present.

The vehicle concept, its furnishing, decoration and meticulous attention to detail make traveling with Izaro Status a very special, unique experience. And, beyond material luxury, our vehicles leave an unforgettable memory for every traveler. New places to discover, new roads to travel…. Izaro Status has been created for your dreams to become reality.